Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shameless Promotion: Perversion

Please, don't turn on me yet, guys! More shameless promotion ahead...

This summer, ScreamKings is distributing my other feature film, Perversion. The story....Terrified to leave his home, a teenage agoraphobiac becomes entangled in a web of nightmarish, psychosexual terror as disturbing demons from his past begin to resurface, forcing him to fight for his life and his sanity. 

Sounds good, eh????

Take a look at the trailer here:

I'm very very VERY proud of the film and I think it's pretty scary, disturbing, and suspenseful. I hope you will too! Support my poo, broke starvin' ass and buy a copy, pleeeeaaaase!

This appears to be the DVD artwork the studio wants! What ya think?

I hope you guys will take the time to check this little doozy of a movie out. It's certainly different than most of the films coming out these days. It's a pretty creepy and uncomfortable movie. It really isn't too shabby for a film featuring unpaid non-actors, mostly shot in one location, all for about a buck and a half.
Just check out this clip from the film...

I'll have more updates, including a firm, set in stone release date very soon!


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